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We are the leading providers of state-of-the-art and highly efficient water ionizers. All our products are manufactured employing the best and top-quality raw materials. Our internationally certified quality control team performs regular and exhaustive checks to ensure that only the best products are provided to our valued clients. We maintain the highest standards all through the product manufacturing process. Thanks to our high-quality products we have garnered a vast and ever-increasing client base. Our products are sourced from Korea and leverage cutting edge technology.



Our Products

Crewelter Water Ionizer

MADE IN KOREA.9 Platinum Titanium plates..Front Sliding Door Type.Clear color LCD screen.Step 9 production (acid alkaline step 4, step 4, an integer) heading. Automatic cleaning function after every use every.

Q-Me Nanobubble Moisturizer

Hydrogen water nano bubble of ultra fine particles.99.9% of harmful bacteria is eliminated with a generator with titanium and platinum.Effective for prevention of periodontal disease, reduction of harmful bacteria in the mouth and reduction of halitosis.



Crewelter 9 SCALE REMOVE FILTER.To be installed at 2nd filter’s location.It removes the scale inside of electrolytic chamber

Thanks for the great support

If your looking for a alkaline water machine this is the one you want to get. Me and my wife have been drinking this water over a year and feel great . would recommend this 100%.

Rakesh R

GM, Ananzi Technology